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How to Get Rid of a Gummy Smile with Lasers

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Dental lasers use light energy to accomplish everything from preparing a tooth for a filling, to performing soft tissue surgeries like frenectomies or gingivectomies. Speaking of gingivectomies, Dr. Hanna often uses our WaterLase laser to correct areas of excessive gum tissue…or “gummy smiles” as our patients not-so-fondly refer to them.

Causes of a Gummy Smile

A “gummy” smile is usually due to having too much gum tissue covering the teeth. This causes your tooth to look shorter than it really is. The excessive gingiva growth can be something hereditary, or even due to specific types of medication that you’ve been on. When it grows over the tooth, less enamel is visible…and when you smile, your grin looks like more gums than teeth.

How a Laser Helps

With a laser, we can remove and reshape your gums, creating a more natural and aesthetically pleasing gingival contour. This exposes more of your tooth enamel and creates a fuller looking smile.

Because of how non-invasive dental lasers are, this procedure usually requires little to no local anesthetic whatsoever. That’s right…you might not have to be numbed up! As Dr. Hanna reshapes your gumlines, the laser gently cauterizes the edges of the gingiva, preventing them from bleeding. This technique also reduces recovery time and post-procedure discomfort. Most people do not even need to take a pain reliever afterward.

Part of Your Comprehensive Smile Makeover

A laser gum procedure usually takes a matter of minutes — depending on how many teeth are involved — which makes a gummy smile treatment one of the “fastest” ways to makeover your smile!

You may want to consider pairing this treatment with other cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening or veneers, for a comprehensive approach. Even when performed alone, laser gum treatments at our Gilbert, AZ office can significantly boost your smile’s appearance (and your self-confidence!)

Types of Sleep Apnea Devices

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There are many types of sleep apnea devices on the market today. If you suffer from daytime drowsiness, you actually may be experiencing sleep apnea at night. Two major types of sleep apnea devices are available to help you get a better night’s sleep: traditional CPAP machines and custom-fitted dental sleep devices.

What is sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is a medical condition that occurs when your airways constrict or close briefly while you’re sleeping. During these moments, your brain awakens and reacts to keep you breathing. This may happen many times a night, leaving you tired during the day.

Other symptoms of sleep apnea include:

  • Snoring
  • Gasping during sleep
  • Memory and focus problems
  • Dry mouth or sore throat in the morning

Types of sleep apnea devices

Fortunately, effective treatments can resolve sleep apnea problems. Sleep apnea devices help to prevent your airways from constricting or closing. You may have heard of a CPAP machine—the most common sleep apnea treatment for many years. Now, however, many types of sleep apnea devices are available, so you can find the option that works best for you.

CPAP machines

A continuous positive airway pressure—or CPAP—machine keeps your airways open by softly blowing air through them. A mask is worn over the mouth while the device pushes air through a tube. Similar sleep apnea devices include VPAP (variable positive airway pressure) and APAP (automatic positive airway pressure).

These devices provide relief for many, but some people find a sleep apnea machine difficult to get used to—and it may not be necessary.

Dental sleep appliances

A dental sleep appliance is like a mouth guard that you wear at night. Custom-fitted by a dentist, these devices position your jaw for better air movement. They are sometimes called mandibular advancement devices (MAD).

Many different brands and options are available. A highly-trained dentist can talk to you about which sleep apnea mouth guard will be the best fit for you.

Is a dental sleep appliance or CPAP machine better?

For many people, a CPAP machine may be too uncomfortable or noisy and an oral appliance for sleep apnea may be a better option. Even if you’ve never tried a sleep apnea machine, you may have success with a dental sleep appliance. Using a mouthpiece for sleep apnea is easier and more comfortable, so it may be a good first line treatment.

Your dentist will work closely with you to figure out the best option for your case of sleep apnea. They may have you complete a take-home sleep survey or even visit a sleep doctor to determine the extent of your symptoms.

Are you ready to find a better night’s sleep? Dr. Hanna Mansoor is committed to helping her patients find relief with the least invasive sleep apnea devices that will work for them. Contact our Gilbert, AZ dentist office today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Mansoor to talk about your sleep apnea options.

Implant Options for Missing Teeth

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There’s a good chance that you’ve heard just how effective dental implants are for replacing your missing teeth. At our Gilbert, AZ practice, we’ve seen just how life-changing these new, artificial “teeth” can be for someone who needs to restore their smile.

Thanks to the versatility and stability of modern dental implants, we can use them to support a variety of different restorations. Whether you have one single missing tooth, or are looking for an alternative to a removable full denture, implants provide a promising alternative to more traditional types of dental reconstruction.

Here are a few examples:

A Single Implant with a Custom Porcelain Crown

Traditionally, a missing tooth would be replaced with a bridge that is anchored over two healthy, reshaped teeth. Instead, we can place your implant and use it as an artificial “root” to support a custom designed crown. Your new smile will look and feel more like the real thing than any other restorative option.

Multiple-Tooth Dental Implant Supported Bridge

Avoid the need for a partial denture by using an implant bridge to replace multiple teeth in a row. Depending on how many teeth are missing, your bridge can be supported by as few as two implants.

Implant Dentures

Enjoy a streamlined denture design that’s easier to speak and enjoy your favorite foods with. These horseshoe shaped dentures are affixed permanently to your implants, so they never shift out of place. They also free up the roof of your mouth!

Comprehensive Implant Dentistry in Gilbert

Thanks to our on-board, licensed periodontist, Smiles by Hanna can arrange for your entire implant procedure (surgery and restoration) to be completed in our Gilbert practice. You won’t have to go back-and-forth between multiple offices, saving you valuable time and money.

Are you a candidate for these technologically advanced missing tooth restorations? Book a complimentary consultation with us today.

What Are Veneers?

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Dreaming of a dazzling smile makeover, but don’t have a lot of time to spare? Dental veneers at Smiles by Hanna could be the perfect choice when it comes to having the smile of your dreams. But before you consider veneers, it’s important to know exactly what they are and how they work.

An Aesthetic Treatment for Healthy Teeth

Dental veneers are for aesthetic purposes only — not to repair damaged teeth, the way a crown would work — as such, your teeth need to be relatively healthy before we can start the treatment.

The fingernail-thin porcelain shells are bonded directly to the front of your prepared tooth. Each veneer creates the illusion that your enamel has completely been transformed in its size, shape, and color. You can specify everything from the shade to the exact contour of each “tooth.”

Placing several veneers side-by-side across the front of your smile can quickly transform your appearance in a dramatic way. Some people even refer to them as “instant braces.”

Common Cosmetic Dental Concerns Addressed

Veneers are ideal for masking aesthetic imperfections, such as teeth that look:

  • Crooked, crowded, or gapped
  • Uneven, worn, or chipped
  • Misshaped
  • Stained or discolored

What to Expect During Your Treatment

Getting veneers involves an initial consultation with Dr. Hanna to discuss what aspects of your smile you would like to change. Then, you’ll return to our office to have your teeth gently reshaped and an impression made. From there, Dr. Hanna will create a mock-up of your ideal smile. About two weeks later, your permanent veneers are ready for us to bond onto your teeth.

Smiles by Hanna is currently accepting new patients! Book a visit with our cosmetic dentist in Gilbert, AZ to find out if custom porcelain veneers are right for you. Be sure to ask about our convenient financing option.

Dentist in Gilbert: 5 Things to Know About the Torus Mandibularis

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Dentist in gilbert removes the torus mandibularis.What’s a torus mandibularis? You may not know it by name, but if you have one or two, you’ll know exactly what we mean when we say a bony growth on the mandible, right beside your tongue. They’re usually big hard lumps right beside your lower premolars. And if you are dealing with the presence of exceptionally large or bothersome torus mandibularis, we know you’d probably like them removed. At Smiles by Hanna, your dentist in Gilbert performs tori removal using the new Laser Waterlase and Peizotomes so healing is quick and painless. There are a lot of unknowns about the torus mandibularis. Here, we’ve put together the top 4 things you need to know about the bony growths and their removal.


Smile With Confidence: How Does Gum Disease Affect My Overall Health?

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They say that your smile is the gateway to the rest of your body. From what science shows, the saying has never been more true. Active gum disease is a reflection of chronic inflammation and immune suppression in the rest of your body.

Your Cardiovascular System

Diseased gums allow oral pathogens to spread straight into your cardiovascular system. They’ve even found periodontal bacteria levels to increase the risk of:

  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • High blood pressure

Reproductive Implications

For years, we’ve known that periodontal disease increases a woman’s risk of going into labor prematurely. It’s also thought to be a risk factor for a low birth weight. Now we also know that the infection can cause problems conceiving. Both women and men may experience challenges. A recent study showed that management of gum disease showed a positive impact on the treatment of ED in just a few months!

Difficulty Managing Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes and gum disease often go hand in hand. When one gets worse, so does the other. Many studies show that they two conditions need to be treated jointly in order to achieve any type of improvement. Unless your blood sugar is under control, your gum disease won’t be either. Better oral hygiene and a trip to the dentist for a cleaning can help you get off on the right start.

Pneumonia and Respiratory Diseases

Active gum disease allows bacteria into your bloodstream as well as your respiratory tract. For older individuals, the immunocompromised, or people being incubated, this can increase the risk of developing pneumonia or other respiratory tract infections.

Get Your Smile Back on Track

If your gums are swollen and bleeding, you might need more than just a routine dental cleaning. Book a visit to Smiles by Hanna in Gilbert for a gum disease screening. We’ll show you how to eliminate active periodontitis so that you can protect both your smile and your heath.

Replace Missing Teeth for a Balanced Diet

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A few missing teeth can make it extremely challenging (if not impossible) to enjoy a nice juicy steak or bite into a freshly picked apple. Without a healthy set of teeth to bite and chew with, our nutritional intake can suffer a significant impact.

You Are What You Eat

The old saying “you are what you eat” has never been more true. As people age, they often must restrict their diets because of tooth loss. This can lead to consuming softer, processed foods that aren’t as good for your body. Not only that, but a soft diet isn’t good for your remaining teeth…it could cause them to get loose and fall out too!

It Takes More Than a New Set of Dentures

Conventional dentures (or “plates”) may seem like an affordable way to replace your missing teeth. Unfortunately, they can withstand only of a fraction of the biting forces that your natural teeth were once capable of.


But if you put those dentures on top of dental implants, as with an All-on-4® treatment, you can enjoy a secure full-mouth prosthesis that won’t ever rock out of place.



A Smart Investment for the Long Term


With dental implants you can replace your missing teeth and move on. You won’t have to worry about them needing to replaced every few years like a worn out denture. Instead, you can enjoy new “teeth” that are stronger than your real ones were and have the potential to last for the rest of your life.


No matter how many missing teeth you have, implants are an option. The artificial roots can support everything from a single tooth crown to a bridge or even an All-on-4® denture.


Ready to enjoy your favorite foods again? Visit Smiles by Hanna to learn more about dental implants in Gilbert.

Teeth in a Day in Gilbert, AZ

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Is it possible to safely replace all your missing teeth in one day?


As a dentist skilled in dental implant therapy, Dr. Hanna frequently sees people who are struggling to replace their missing teeth. After all, open spaces in your bite can make it difficult to smile, speak, or even maintain a balanced diet.

In many cases, it’s easier to restore your smile’s beauty and form than you thought possible. Often, it can be done in just one day.

What to Expect

Undergoing Teeth in a Day treatment involves strategically placed dental implants and an interim restoration that is fixed over them. Due to the precise location and design of the implants, we can use as few as four of them to support a full-arch prosthesis.

In the coming weeks, your body will form new bone around the implants. We call this process “osseointegration,” and it permanently fuses the implants into your jaw.

After a few months, your jaw will have fully recovered. At this point, Dr. Hanna will remove the interim prosthesis and replace it with a permanent one that’s made from durable, more aesthetic materials.

What About Single Teeth in a Day?

Depending on the health of your jaw, it may be possible to install a single implant and crown in one visit. While this is not normal protocol, it is sometimes an option for people with only one or two missing teeth. A lot of it will depend on where the tooth is located in your mouth.

Dr. Hanna will need to perform an individual assessment prior to recommending any teeth in a day treatment. During this visit, we will let you know if you’re a candidate for same day dental implants and an estimated cost of the procedure. Call our Gilbert implant dentist today to learn more!

All-on-4® Implants

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Are you currently wearing a denture, or need to replace all your teeth at one time? An All-on-4® implant treatment is a revolutionary way to give you a confident smile that does away with the need to wear a removable prosthesis.

What is an All-on-4® Denture?

Using just four strategically placed dental implants, the All-on-4® “denture” looks more like an extended bridge. While it doesn’t cover the roof of your mouth, it does follow the contour of your natural anatomy with a “U” shaped design. This frees up extra space in your mouth to speak more clearly and enjoy the taste of your meals again.

You might think that four implants aren’t strong enough to bear the weight of a full denture, but they are! Each tilted implant is set into the bone in a way that allows it to support the forces of multiple healthy teeth.

Teeth in a Day

The All-on-4® process eliminates extra surgeries such as bone grafts or lengthy recovery times. In many cases, Dr. Hanna can place a fixed provisional bridge on the very same date as your implant surgery. After your recovery, you’ll be able to have the permanent All-on-4® denture installed.

Am I a Candidate?

Getting All-on-4® treatment is different than other types of dental implant therapy. Even if you’re not a candidate for traditional implants, you may still be able to successfully complete All-on-4® treatment. Dr. Hanna will want to take an x-ray of your teeth and perform a comprehensive examination to assess your oral health and bone structure just to make sure.

Find out how you can enjoy permanent new teeth that never slip, rock, or slide out of place. Contact our Gilbert All-on-4® dentist today to schedule a consultation.

Numerous Benefits of an Implant-Retained Denture

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Forty something manDentures can provide a sturdy, wonderful tooth replacement for people who have lost a significant number of teeth (anything more than one or two teeth, that is). Unfortunately, dentures are usually associated with discomfort or, at the very least, stress. Many people deal with loose dentures for years, finding ways to eat around their issues — they may avoid laughing too hard, or just learn to live with a lisp or whistle when they speak. But there is a better solution with implant-retained dentures.


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